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Team Roping Rules

 1. There will be two timers and a field flag judge. A judge may be appointed at the catch pen to help the flagman check head catches.

(a) The flagger will drop the flag whenever an animal escapes from the arena. In case a flagger flags a team out that legally has two loops remaining, that team will get a rerun.

2. Each team is allowed two loops. Roping a steer without letting go of your loop is a no time.

3. The Header & Heeler will start from behind the head gate. A barrier or barrel will be used at the discretion of the Stock Contractor.

4. Time will be taken when the steer is roped, both horses facing the steer in a resonable straight line, with ropes dallied & tight. Steer must be standing when roped by the head or heels, with horses, rider, and steer clear of ropes.

5..The length of the score shall be set by the arena director or Stock Contractor.

6. When an automatic barrier is used; neck ropes must be tied with string, velcro tape or wire used properly; an electric eye or paddle may be used to replace the neck rope. A 10 second penalty will be assessed for breaking the barrier. A barrier will not be considered broken, unless the ring drops within 10 ft. of the post.

7. A broken horn on natural horned cattle, will be considered a no time. A broken rope will be considered a no time. A dropped rope will be a no time.

8. A steer belongs to a contestant when he/ she calls for it regardless of what happens; except in cases of mechanical failure or if the steer escapes the arena. If, in the opinion of the barrier judge, horse or steer is fouled by the barrier equipment or roper is fouled by the neck rope; ropers shall get their steer back, providing contestants declare themselves by pulling up immediately. If the steer escapes from the arena, flag will be dropped and watches stopped.Contestants will get their steer back with a lap & tap start, and time already spent will be added on to the time used to qualify. If the rope is on the steer , roper will get a lap & tap start with the rope on the horns or neck in chute.Any roper who loses his/her rope on an object in the arena, receives a no time.

9. Steers or roping cattle must not be handled roughly at any time. In the event of unnecessary roughness to the animal, the roper will be disqualified.

10. If the heeler ropes a front foot or feet in the heel loop; this is a foul catch. Neither team roper is allowed to remove rope from the front foot by hand. However, should the front foot come out of a heel loop by the time the flagger drops the flag, time will then be counted. An automatic no time will be given if the rope is taken off by hand.

11. LEGAL CATCHES: Both horns, Half a head, Around the neck. Any heel catch behind the shoulder is legal; if the rope goes up the heels. One hind foot is a 5 second penalty All others are illegal.

12. Flagman will immediately flag out a roper as soon as any leg is picked up in any type of head catch.

13. If roper dismounts, he/she will be flagged out.

14. There will be a 30 second time limit on a run.

15. A Crossfire is illegal. The steers hind feet must change direction before it is roped by the heeler.

16. In the event a contestant is injured in the first go-round, the partners may get entry fees returned or choose another eligible partner.

17. If a plastic head comes off a steer, the team will get a new steer at the end of the round.

18. Steers may be cut from the herd at anytime, at the discretion of the contractor or Directors.

19. The Executive shall have the power and authority to fine, suspend, and cancel any Member for non-payment of current dues or entry fee, N.S.F. cheques or any other breach of rules in the Association. If a N.S.F. cheque is not paid after 30 days, the roper can be fined the amount of the cheque. The fine must be paid before the roper may rope at the next roping. If a roper issues a second NSF cheque, all entries must be paid in cash.

20. Any Member who conducts themselves detrimental to the sport of Team Roping, shall be subject to a fine or suspension at the discretion of the Directors.


A roping promoter may not hold more than one Approved roping per month per arena. Ropings must be approved 21 days before the roping. To approve a roping, you must phone the Secretary for dates, then the Secretary checks with a director for final approval. Results should be sent to the Secretary within 7 days.

Approval Fees are $20.